Tips on How to Make Women Happy

Do not cheat on her: Women find it hard forgiving their husband when they cheat on them; most especially when the woman is putting all her best to remain faithful to the husband. If you are looking for a tip on how to make a woman happy, this particular tip is for you. Be faithful to her and she will be happy in the relationship.

Provide her needs: Women have lots of needs providing some of them will make her happy. Women believe that the way to show them love is by taking care of their needs. If you are able to provide a woman need, you will become her prince charming.

Buy her gift: Women love luxury, if you want to make a woman happy, buy her expensive gifts and you will become her prince charming.

Have a forgiving spirit: Women love men who can easily forgive wrong done to them. Many guys would hold on to offense done to them, but that’s not the type of guy girls want.

Forgiveness is very important in every relationship; if you do not forgive your partner you will hardly make a future together. If you want your woman to be happy, make it easy for her to receive your forgiveness whenever she asks of it.

Maintain constant communication: Communication is vital in relationship, whenever there is problem in communication the relationship wrecks. Girls who are in love would always demand to hear the voice of their boyfriend each and every passing day. When you stop communicating with her for whatsoever reason that will make her feel bad. Avoid such attitude.

Tell her how much you earn: Women love men who are truthful in all things. Though not all men love disclosing how much they earn to their wife; disclosing how much you earn is good if you have a good wife.

When you are in a loving relationship or married to a woman who wants your greatness, telling her how much you earn will never be a bad idea. It will make the woman to feel happy especially when the paycheck contains reasonable amount.

Stop beating her: Many of our African women hate the idea of wife beating as a form of correcting her mistakes.  If you are looking for a tip on how to make a woman happy in relationship or in marriage, this particular tip is for you.

Give her your love and attention: Many married people do not understand the importance of attention in marriage. Do not make her miserable by begging for your love and attention. Give your wife or girlfriend your love and attention, is her right for being your girl.

Take her along with you: Stop making your wife feel as a baby factory in your home. Men should stop the idea of leaving their wife at home whenever they want to hang out with friends. Little things matter in relationship. She wants you to make her your queen, kings and queens don’t stay apart.

Marry her: Women of our time love relationship that ends in marriage. Do not date her for another to marry. Date her and settle down with her and she will feel great.


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