The World Need Your Love

Love is a powerful force and anyone who has no connection to it or has someone who shows him or her love, be it parents, friends, brothers or sisters; may start to act absurd. Love makes us to act in a manner of selflessness; we tend to care for who we love more than ourselves. Love is a great gift from God. Man should preserve this precious gift.

In our today’s world where lies, hatred, greed, deception and wickedness are the major forces controlling many people’s life. We have to start now to heal the world with love. The high level of hate and religious intolerance around the globe is something everybody should be conscious of; to avoid destroying the precious creature of God (THE EARTH).

The world is God’s creation given to man to have dominion over not to destroy. Am going to point out some areas everybody should start now to heal with love.

The Family:

The smallest unit of the society (family) is now endangered. There is this lack of oneness and love among members of a nuclear family. Many families start to tear apart when the flow of income reduces; which makes some wife to have less respect for their husband.

Many men has complained that the reason their wife respect them is because of their money. Though it may not be far from the truth, but there are many women who stick to their husband faithfully even though the storm is raging. I give kudos to man and woman who kept their marital vows sacred. When the income flow reduces and respect vanishes, the family will be in a mess. Anger will start to creep in, and if not curtailed could develop into a full hatred.

Some men no longer see anything good in their wife because of past mistakes from their wife while some woman cannot set their eyes on their husband probably because of marital infidelity. We should not continue to let our families tear apart; forgiveness is needed in restoring our family happiness. Partners should love themselves endlessly and help each other in their weakness.

Don’t expose the weak part of your partner to a third part; because it can kill the love both of you share. In some families’ brothers has become cat and dog. The brotherly love has gone bitter and their hearts is now full of hate and malice. It’s very shameful when two brothers are in court over a matter the family can resolve within themselves.

Brothers killing themselves over a piece of land is not new to us these days. How long will these behaviors continue? My dear reader, I admonish you to shun every form of strife, malice and bitterness; embrace peace and work toward promoting unity among your neighbors. You may be the one offended but please don’t pick up arms, resolve the issue amicably and let love lead.


Man is an imperfect being striving to be perfect. That’s why we have to learn to tolerate each other all the time. Forgiveness is vital in every friendship/relationship; because many a times we offend our friend without knowing. Some do offend their friends knowingly just to hurt their friend’s feelings.

 As our faces are different so also our character differs. You can’t expect everybody to behave the same. In very relationship that involves two individuals, there must be a mistake and correction. The way we correct our friends matters too. Don’t correct to hurt rather correct to heal.

It’s very painful when two cordial friends turn into sworn enemies. Some even move to the extent of tarnishing their friend’s image. It’s time we heal those loopholes in our relationship with love. Love I mean, correcting those things that cause problem in your relationship.


Religious societies should cultivate the habit of preaching love and peace to their congregations. Religion should not be used as a tool to promote anarchy in the world. Some religious radicals are committing heinous crime with the belief that they are protecting their religion or fighting for God.

In some African traditional religion, human beings are used for sacrifice to appease the gods of the land. We cannot let the world decay, religious tolerance is crucial in our today’s world for peace to reign. People should stop killing in the name of religion; religion should stand for peace and promote love and mutual respect for one another.

Tribal and ethnics clashes:

Tribal and ethnic clashes are major sources of death in Africa today. When the Europeans came and united different ethnic groups in Africa to form a country, it did not end the problem of Africa; rather those ethnics groups that were united to be one are in perpetual clash till date.

We need a permanent solution to tribal and ethnic clashes in Africa. The solution is love and tolerance. We should love and tolerate one another; no part should feel more superior to others or make another group feel more inferior.  The time to heal the world with love is now.

I hope you enjoyed this piece of advice, feel free to share this blog post with your friends in all social media platform. I will also love to hear your own opinion in the comment section below; let us heal our world with love. The time to do it is now- become ambassador of peace.

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