The Reasons Why African Men Die Early

Life expectancy in Africa for men is quite low compared to the women. Many things are contributing to the increase in death rate among African men.

African men’s are known to be strong and energetic but despite that, death rate among them kept on increasing. I will outline the reasons why Africa men’s die early.


Stress is a major reason why Africa men die early. Both mental and emotional stress contributes to high death rate in Africa. Life is difficult in Africa due to poverty and hardship.

Men are always out there doing everything possible to provide for their families. Most of them do hard jobs to survive, when they are not able to provide for their families that’s when mental stress come in, to swallow them.

Learning how to manage stress is very important for every Africa man that wants to live long. Stress is a killer disease, manage your stress and you will live long.

No peace in the home:

When women stopped being a companion and helpmate to their husband, the chances of the man leaving this world will increase. Some homes are like war zones, the man and his wife are fighting heavy war in their own home.

Whenever such hatred and malice start between two couple one person may not survive it. Men are most time victim, if you want to live long with your husband, never let the fire of love, respect, understanding and forgiveness die in your marriage.

When a woman start to make the home hell for the man, is likely soon she will be sleeping alone. Because a man can take insult from any woman outside but that very person he calls the bone of his bone, he will always find it hard to absorb insult from her.

If you want to live and grow old with your husband, make the home an abode of the Angels. Do everything possible to stay in peace with your husband.

Frankly speaking, most of the problems many homes are facing are caused by lack of money. When there is need and no money to solve it, family start to tear apart. And if care is not taken, home start boiling, misunderstanding all the time, the weaker one is likely to die.

But if family should stay in love, in time of scarcity and needs, the God of love and sacredness will turn things around for good.

Alcoholism and bad lifestyle:

Some men don’t know the side effect of alcohol and the danger it imposes on their health. Taking high quantity of alcohol may damage your liver and kidney which can lead to your death.

African men who take too much alcohol is risking their health, the side effect may not start immediately but gradually in the near future you will start to notice how weak your bones and muscles have become. Alcohol weaken the bones, do your best to avoid taking too much of it.

Being mindful of the way you live will help you live longer, if you adopt bad lifestyle in form of taking too much alcohol or smoking too much cigarette it can still lead to your early death. Avoid bad lifestyle so that you will live a longer life.

Depression and Burden:

When a man starts to feel hopelessness, this life start to mean nothing to him, depression has caused death of many people, not only Africans but the entire human race.

Many things can make a man to be depressed; it can be unemployment, failed marriage and divorce, death of husband or wife.

Controlling yourself to avoid being pessimistic with life will help you avoid being depressed. In Africa where poverty and misery have their headquarters, so many things can cause one to be depressed.

Depression is one of the killers of African men; depression is the major reason African men die early.

When a man is faced with so many burdens without hope of solving them, it can cause him to start thinking, and too much thinking can lead to mental pressure, which can cause death.

Keep your mind free all the time, avoid letting your condition drive you into depression, there is more opportunity being alive. Don’t let troubles of life destroy your life.


Poverty is another seller of death to African men. Poverty is ravaging Africa, mixed with corruption and political thieves who has made sure that African men will not have a better share from the abundant natural resources in Africa land.

These political thieves kept on siphoning the money meant to improve life of Africans; making it impossible for African men’s to be like their counterpart in Europe and America.

Public servants who are entrusted with the management of national resources for the betterment of very one, has now turn the proceeds from the national resources to become their private property.

When you stole money in office as a public servant, have it in your mind that you’re not far from being a murderer.

Because when a man who supposes to take care of the family is being stripped of the fund to fend for his family, you endanger such man. Some men cannot behold their family go hungry. All these contribute to early death among African men.

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