The Benefit of Supporting Your Wife in Marriage

A tree can never make a forest and no man is an island that’s why in a marriage or in a relationship couples need each other’s support to survive.There’s a saying that to every successful man, there is a woman behind him. So also to every great woman of our time, there is a man supporting her.

Many women achieve little of their God given talent due to suppression from their husband. Many men are afraid of the fact, that their woman becomes uncontrollable when they achieve greatness.

Some men centre’s on this notion and in order to avoid any form of unruly behavior from their wife, kept on suppressing her to earth.But how true is that? Fear is a powerful force that can tear a relationship apart, when a relationship lacks trust, fear comes in; that’s why some men act based on their fear.

 Frankly speaking, we cannot generalize every woman character based on one individual trait and attributes.It best to marry the person you love and trust not to marry based on the individual physique or personal achievement.

When a woman marries her soul mate, she will get every support she seeks from her husband. Some men tongue can be very deceptive, making you believe you are one soul with him.

In a relationship, you have to be very careful when making a choice.To every young man out there, I urge you to support your wife in her chosen career and that’s how to make a woman happy. Supporting her will surely boost her morale to conquer every odd.

Every woman in our society today has one or two thing she desire to achieve in life, help her achieve her dream.Don’t keep her in bondage because of fear. Help her to be great. She too can be like those women you watch on television.

Some men admire other people’s wife, how beautiful they look and the success they have achieved. Your wife can be like her even better off.Only your support and trust she needs to explore her God’s given talent.

Many families are poor due to inability of couples to support each other. A man can support the wife and vice versa.The benefit of supporting your wife in marriage boils down to this true life story am about to share.

 This is a story of a young man, who does his business at Onitsha (Nigeria). He provides for his family, though resources weren’t enough to cater for all the needs of the family.

 When the wife gave birth to her last baby, she aired her desire to start a crayfish business. The husband did not stop the water that is about to flow rather he encouraged her. He told the wife to give him some time to source for start up money for her.

Later, the husband went further to seek opinion of his friends on the business the wife wants to start. His friends were of the opinion that the wife will become stubborn and hard to control when she start amassing wealth.

Due to the love he had for his wife he couldn’t succumb to his friend advice to stop the wife from trading. He rather dipped hand in his savings and brought out 300,000 naira for the wife’s business. The wife was highly glad and she started the business immediately.

After three years in business, one blessed day she woke the husband up around 4am and told him, that she is tired of living in another man’s house. ‘Is time we buy land and start building our own house’ she said.

The husband was just sober that morning listening to the wife until the woman brought out two million naira and gave to him to buy land for the house. The husband couldn’t believe himself; the high level of joy that erupted in his heart was like a volcanic eruption.

It was a morning of joy for the family. The husband later bought a land at the cost of 600,000 naira and used the remaining money to start the building. Through their combined effort they were able to finish the building on time. This is little of what a woman can do for their husband and family.

Dear husband is time you set yourself free by letting that woman beside you free. Don’t fear that men will come after her. Women are strong and clever, if they want to mess around in that your cage, they can and still bear the consequences thereafter.

Though, I do not advocate for that. My aim of writing this post is to educate young men on the benefit of supporting your wife in marriage. Not all women can be like the woman I told in my story, we have different individual qualities. Your wife can be unique in her own way.

There are different ways you can support your woman, she may decide to further her education and seeks your support, is your duty as a loving husband to support her.

Don’t tell her she not going to work with the degree, don’t tell her is a waste of time and money. You can encourage her to enroll on online college course. Many relationship dies because of one partner selfishness and unwillingness to support the other.

Is good for husband to be protective over their wife; but do not be over-protective that you consider her progress a threat. We all want to love and be loved, loving your wife and supporting her dream will solidify the relationship and increases intimacy in your marriage.

Marriage is always enjoyable when you plan it well. Never let fear destroy your marriage. To my dear young women, you too can support your husband also. Some women have made the life of their husband pitiable due to the man’s inability to provide all the needs of the family.

 In this life every man destiny are not the same. You can help him where you think his weak at for the family to move forward. It must not be the man that will provide all the needs of the family. If you are better off financially you too can help.

This text is meant to encourage families and to portray the benefits of supporting your wife in marriage.

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