Ten Signs To Know If You Have Found Your Soul Mate

The dream of every young man and woman is to get married to their soul mate, your one and only; the person worth spending the rest of your life with. Many people go into marriage and rush out sooner than expected because of not being with the right person.

Marriage is a beautiful thing when you are with the right person. Many young man and woman die early as a result of not being with their actual soul mate. Soul mate simple means the person that you have a special friendship with because you understand each other feelings and interests.

When you are one soul with your partner this life will be a paradise to you. In this post am going to point out ten signs to know if you have found your soulmate.


The first thing to check out when trying to know who your soul mate is; how compatible both of you are. Compatibility is the ability of people or things to live together without problems. To have a good relationship, friends must be able to understand each other and should be willing to make the relationship work.

Though there is no relationship devoid of problems but the ways and manner you handle issues in your relationship matters most. The way compatible people behave and play with each other differs from the way those in abusive relationships do.

Compatibility means both of you can talk heart to heart; this simply means understanding each other’s mind all the time. When two lovely souls matches together, they can communicate non-verbally and still understand each other very well.

To know if you have found your soulmate you must consider the level of compatibility both of you share. People marry for different reason and your reason of marrying is what determines whether you have to carry out all these checks. For instance, a lady who is so desperate to settle down may not have all the time for soul searching.

Like vision/aspiration:

Different people have their different views and vision about life. In marriage is advisable to marry the person that shares like vision with you. Couples that have similar vision and aspiration will do well in marriage.

Willingness to forgive:  

A forgiving heart is a receiving heart; two great souls that match together will always love to forgive each other at all time. Your willingness and eagerness to forgive wrong done to you by your partner is a sign of soul match. When two people are in a relationship and one person is always willing to forgive and the other always cling to offense, the two of them would hardly make a good soul mate.


Another way you can know your soul mate is by the kind of attention the person gives to you. If your friend is too busy to know how you are faring, is a glaring sign you have to take very serious. He/she may not change in marriage.

Protect your interest:  

Your soul mate will always protect your interest. When your friend is eager to protect your interest, give your soul rest, stop searching, he’s the one. Nowadays some couples love to expose their spouse weakness. It’s not supposed to be so. If you are on soul searching and your friends doesn’t care about your own interest, please trade with caution.

Heart communication:

Heart communication is a way of knowing if two souls match together. Heart communication is not what you develop over night, it comes gradually. When two people stays for a period of time they tend to understand each other very well, they don’t have to voice out everything before their partners understand. Their look, action, can trigger a communication.


You can know your soul mate by the level of understanding both of you share. ‘Marriage is not a bed of roses’ some would say but couple with high level of understanding can still make their marriage a paradise.

Willingness to help:

Women are created to be a help mate to their husband. Your soul mate must be the one willing to help at all time.

Mutual trust:

Trust is a vital ingredient in a relationship. When trust is not there, suspicion start to creep in, quarrel grows, and friends will start having bad thought among themselves. Is always good to settle down with the person you can trust. Many marriages today are having issue of trust. Any marriage where there’s lack of trust, check it, it doesn’t last long


Only valuable things can be protected, when your partner becomes over protective towards you; it means he sees value in you. Value he does not want another guy to snatch away from him. These are the ten signs to know if you have found your soulmate. If your friend doesn’t have any of these, think twice before saying I do.

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