Roles of Opposition Party in Government

The major role of opposition party in government is that it helps to check the activities of the party in power with a view to pointing out where they are going wrong. Without opposition party, some ruling party will not follow due process and constitutional lay down principles in running a government.

Opposition is very vital in every democratic society, it act as a watchdog to the party in power.

The existence of opposition party in government remains one of the facts that every policy has an alternative which can even work better. It also brings to life the natural existence of opposing forces in all aspect of life.

The recognition of opposition usually makes the party in power to be serious and mindful of possible opponent in the running of state affairs. The fear of the opposition party is always the beginning of serious constructive government business.

The challenge of the opposition makes it possible for the party in power to respond constructively, in order to holds its power or to maintain power already held.

The opposition through criticisms or pointing out the defects of programmes of party in power helps to alert the government and keep them on a better knowledge of its programmes.

Parties in opposition prepare themselves for alternative government where the party in power has failed to achieve its goals or execute its programmes.

The existence of opposition is recognition of the inherent virtue and usefulness of criticism in the conduct of public affairs.

The work of the opposition is as important as the party in power because the opposition does not only act as a check on the party in power but helps the party to understand the working of its programmes, the feelings of the masses and the alternative option available.

However, party conflicts are usually moderated in a period of war between the state and another. National interest is always paramount in party affairs.

The opposition parties usually hold important position in National Assembly and salaries are allocated to the office as well other functions.

The views of the opposition are in most cases sought on serious issues of national importance.

In modern democracy, the function of the opposition is very important in the conduct of government business.

The duty of the opposition is tasking and this account for the reasons behind the characters most party faithful display after election.

Many of the party followers who could not capture power either declare support to the party in power or join the opposition.

In the third world countries, they join the party in power. This usually occurs where party followers have fragile principles or none at all.  

The parties in power thus do not face checks of the opposition party, which now makes them do whatsoever they like.

The ruling party in any democracy should desist from rigging election in order to succeed in gaining the required votes to retain power. The party or other parties could form an alliance to get the required votes to win.

A group of parties could form alliance in order to get the required votes to win.

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