Reasons why the Civil Service Operations are ineffective and inefficient

The operations of the civil service becomes ineffective and inefficient when there is politicization of the civil service, poor remuneration, lack of skilled manpower, corruption, poor human resource management, insufficient materials, use of obsolete materials, inadequate manpower training and inadequate supervision.

Politicization of the civil service: The civil service in Nigeria is politicized, they are no longer doing their work rather they are influenced by the politicians. Ethics of the civil services professions are no longer followed. Civil servants in Nigeria are mostly influenced and controlled by the politicians.

Issues of representation: There is lack of meritocracy in today’s civil service; it is now based on representation and selection. The decline in merit system causes inefficiency in the civil service because people are selected based on favoritism and nepotism.

Employment in Nigeria civil service lacks merit system, rather people are being employed based on their tribe and loyalty to a particular political party.

Poor remuneration: A hungry man is an angry man. The civil service are poorly remunerated which causes them to take bribe. The salary they receive is not even enough for them to pay their children’s school fees. They are not well motivated.

Absence of skilled manpower: Lack of skilled manpower in the civil service causes inefficiency in the civil service. Therefore, any organization that lacks adequate skilled personnel in their organization, will find it difficult carrying out their operations effectively and efficiently.

Poor human resources management: Human resources management recruits and train workers to work in the organization. But when the organization cannot manage their workers, the workers tend to leave the organization. Poor management of workers causes death of an organization.

Use of obsolete equipment: Obsolete equipment affects the general functionality of the civil service. Some offices in the civil service still use typewriter instead of new modern computers. For any civil service to function effectively, obsolete equipment should be gotten rid off. Modern system of administration should be adopted for easy and effective management.

Inadequate materials or insufficient materials: Lack of materials for work causes inefficiency in the operations of the civil service. Government failures to provide those necessary materials that can facilitate work in offices contribute to the cause of ineffectiveness in civil service.

Inadequate manpower development/training: There is need for training in the civil service; training helps to develop workers ability in order to carry out their work effectively. When a civil servant lacks the necessary training, that will help them carry out their work well, it causes delay in the operations of the civil service.

Corruption: Corruption has eaten deep into the bones of our civil service, it hard to find a civil servant without the intent to defraud. When corruption continues to thrive in the civil service, it affects the general operations of the civil service.

Inadequate supervision: When workers are not adequately supervised, they tend not to work effectively well because nobody is watching them. Lack of adequate supervision in the civil service makes civil servant to be nonchalant in carrying out their duties.

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