Qualities of a Good Leader

Good leader must be a listener, he must be a person that listens and feels the impulse of the masses.  A good leader must listen to the masses to know their problems and how they feel about his leadership. When a leader pays attention to the voices of his followers, he will be in a better position to channel his strength to the pressing needs of the people.

A good leader must be a philosopher, a philosopher is a person that reasons, think, seek for wisdom and enlightenment. He must seek for the solution to the problems of his state anywhere in other to better the lots of the masses and achieve economic, political and social development of his state.

A good leader must be a humble and respectful person; he must have regards for his elders and seniors and must carry them along in state craft. A good leader must fear God and must have respect for the custom and traditions of the people. Above all, he must respect and abide by the laws of the state. He must care for the elderly, the women, the weak and the children, effort should be made in protecting and improving their welfare.

A good leader must possess an objective character and intellectual rigour. A leader must exhibit objectivity in his deals and a formidable intelligent and morality. He must carry the history of his state with him and work against the historical imbalance in order to close the gap. Nationalism must be an inspiring spirit of the leader.

A leader who engages in privatizing quarters of senior government officials or civil servants fails to understand that government officials and civil servants must continue to exist and therefore needs accommodation. Where a leader lacks of these qualities, there will always be misdirection in his leadership, because he would either be confused or lack focus.

A good leader must be a patriot; he must care deeply about the happiness and wellbeing of his state and the masses. He must show a high standard in every aspect of his life in the country. A patriot must see to the standards of social service like education, health, electricity, water, employment, roads, transport, communication and most importantly encourage research. The quality or standard of these things in any country reflect the patriotic zeal of the leadership and the class of citizens.

A good leader must detest social injustice and immorality. A good leader should detest immorality and be ethical conscious. He must not be partial. He must be democratic and asserting in performing the good interest of the public.

Social injustice implies that unqualified class of people should not be given opportunities in government agencies while the qualified ones are not. Social injustice exist where the provision of essential services are not distributed in all areas of the state but only on few areas where certain interests are protected.

A good leader must organize his people and the country; he must organize, train and motivate them. He must lead by example, he should demonstrate to his people that he cares about their welfare. He must bring hope and not make his followers feel that tomorrow is hopeless. A good leader must have charisma and an aura of love, respect and fear combined together, these must be reflected in his actions to his people.

A good leader must protect and defend his society. He must exhibit patriotic qualities and promote the interests of the society. In protecting the society, he must obey the laws of the society. He must respect the custom and traditions of the people and keep them away from adulteration or contamination.

A leader must not regard himself or his family to be above the law; he must be disciplined in character and must also encourage the society to be disciplined as well.

A leader must not mislead his followers in other to achieve his personal interests. He must not force his followers to accept his decisions. He should lead by compromise or with the free agreement of his followers.

The leader must leave office when his tenure ends or resign when public opinion is against him or when he is unpopular.

He must be able to create a sense of friendship among members of the society and encourage all social organizations that promote friendship among members. He must create a social bond to motivate his people to like him.

He must encourage his followers to participate in achievement of society goals and aspirations. The leader must promote, encourage and sponsor outstanding followers. He must be in position to unite his people and the society.

The leader should make the bond of friendship stronger and reduce friction, rancor and personal differences. The leader must recognize opposition and check them in order to carry on with the society and avoid breakdown of law and order.

A good leader must educate the members of the society in what they need to know about the leadership and the organization of the society. He must inform the society on the extent of his achievement.

A good leader must teach, enlighten and encourage his people to be of good behaviour. He must reward those who achieve fame and encourage those who don’t.

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