Profitable Blog Niche in Nigeria

Starting up a blog is very easy but finding the best blog niche for your blog is quite hard. Many new bloggers have asked this question in most of the bloggers forum in Nigeria. The question is what the best blog Niche in Nigeria?

Nigeria is so big that any Niche you blog about you will still find readers. In this post I will explain different blog niche and their comparative advantage and you can choose the best niche for yourself based on your likes and what you can write about.

Being frank to you, blogging is about what you know, there is no way you can blog on topic you don’t have any idea about. You can only write on topics you know very well.

For instance asking a medical Doctor to start a blog on fashion or SEO tips; the best blog niche for a medical doctor is health. He can write more freely on health niche than any other niche. So choose a niche that best suits your expertise.

Profitable Blog Niche in Nigeria to Make money online


News blog is common in Nigeria; majority of blogs in Nigeria is about political news, celebrity news and gossip. News blog is easy because Nigeria loves to read about the trending topic about their celebrities or about what’s happening in government.

Blogging about current news can get you more readers but the problem you may encounter is low cost per click (CPC) if you are using Google Adsense. If you are a new blogger, it may interest you to know that the cost per click for news is very low.

Why many news bloggers succeed is because of high page views. When your site is receiving high quality traffic and page views your earnings will increase.

As a news blogger the major thing you have to avoid is duplicate content. People tends to copy news from others blog than rewriting it in their own words and styles.

When you copy another blog post to your blog, it becomes a duplicate content, and Google frowns at it. The area you will face major issue is when you want to apply for Google Adsense.

Google will definitely reject your application because of duplicate content. If you want to start a news blog you must be able to rewrite the story in your own words and come up with different title to make it different from others. The good thing about news blog is that you must find something to blog about.



Relationship blog is very profitable. You can use semrush or Google keyword planner to search for high paying keyword and write about it. Many people are searching for the best tips for their marriage and relationship.

Single girls and couples in Nigeria are looking for the best relationship advice in order to make their marriage and relationship work. Starting a blog on relationship is very nice.

You won’t complain of low cost per click if you use Google Keyword Planner to search for keywords. Nonetheless, relationship blogs don’t require you to update it every single day. But it’s good if you can be updating your blog regularly.


If you want a high profitable blog niche, choose tech. Many Nigeria undergraduate are always surfing the internet for tech news. Tech blog is a very profitable blog niche for beginner bloggers who want to make money online.

Also new bloggers are most likely to visit blogs that can teach newbie’s how to drive traffic to their website, improve search ranking and get Adsense approval. Starting a blog on this particular niche will give you more organic traffic than starting a news blog. Tech blog is very profitable niche because of its high paying keywords.


Finally, starting a blog on this finance niche will profit you more than news blog and relationship niche because advertisers are more willing to pay more on this particular niche than some other niche.

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