Mobile Network Providers in Nigeria and their Prefix

Nigeria has four mobile network providers currently supplying mobile communication and data services to Nigerians. They are MTN- Mobile Telephone Network, Globacom, Airtel limited and 9mobile.

MTN – Mobile Telephone Network was launched in August 2001, and since then it has being providing services across the country and the leading network provider in Nigeria. Since its invention, the MTN has invested over $2 billion to provide fast, reliable, and affordable internet to subscribers all across the country.

Presently, MTN is considered the best mobile network providers in Nigeria because of the services they provide. MTN provides its service that includes telecommunication and data services to over 223 cities and town and more than 10,000 villages and communities all across the country. It is Nigeria’s premier network provider and it is the largest privately-owned mobile network provider in the entire Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. MTN holds the biggest market share of all the network providers in entire Africa, having a customer base of over 62 million.


The best and easiest way to identify a network provider phone number is to know the first four numbers that start with it. The following codes are what start every MTN number, with this you can identify if a number is MTN or not. ‘

  • 0803”
  • 0806
  • 0814”
  • 0810”
  • 0813”
  • 0814”
  • 0816”
  • 0703”
  • 0706”
  • 0903”
  • 0906”


GLO was launched back in 29 August 2003, GLO is owned by the second richest Nigerian, Mike Adengua. After MTN, GLO is the second-best telecom network provider in the country, having more than 39 million subscribers from all across the country.

 GLO also expanded its services across other African nations such as Ghana, Benin, etc. The famous GLO-1 submarine communication cable system along the west coast of Africa between Nigeria and the UK is owned by GLO, because of the wide range of fast and reliable services that it offers, GLO is preferred by many customers in Nigeria. GLO offer more cheap data and bonuses to their customers.


  • 0805
  • 0807
  • 0811
  • 0815
  • 0705
  • 0905


Bharti Airtel or Airtel limited is an Indian telecommunication company based in New Delhi, it   operates in about 20 countries across Asia and Africa. It was founded on 7 July 1995 in India. The network provider is most popular in India, its origin country. In Nigeria, Airtel is one of the leading network providers and provides 2G, 3G, and 4G services all across the country.

Airtel has a very wide customer base with over 39 million subscribers from all across the country. If we compare the internet speeds of Airtel with other subscribers then in certain parts of the country, the online Speed Test has shown Airtel’s internet to be significantly faster and more reliable than other networks out there, even faster than GLO.


  • 0802
  • 0808
  • 0812
  • 0708
  • 0701
  • 0902
  • 0901
  • 0907


9mobile is a Nigerian private limited liability company founded in 2008. 9mobile is among the mobile network providers in Nigeria offering awesome services to their customers. 9mobile it’s a relatively new telecom network provider. In 2017 after Etisalat departed from the country because of its inability to pay the $1.2 billion loans that it incurred during the time they were providing its services. After Etisalat decided to leave the country, 9mobile was launched. The name etisalat was changed to 9mobile.

Since 9mobile is a relatively new provider, it has taken over the market with a subscriber base of over 6 million users, which is around 7% of the market share. Although the company is relatively new, the company is trying its best to provide the best services to its subscribers from around the country.


  • 0809
  • 0817
  • 0818
  • 0908
  • 0909

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