Mistakes New Bloggers Make

Blogging can be quite satisfying if you follow it in the right way. If you choose to be an online publisher and make income from it; then you have to avoid these deadliest mistakes new bloggers make.

Many people jump into blogging without taking their time to study the dos and don’ts of blogging especially when it comes to monetizing it through Google Adsense.

 First thing is for you to have the passion for blogging and the second part of it is having knowledge about what you want to go into.

There are a lot of materials to read online to guide you on the basics of blogging. I encourage you to find time and study it, in order to quip yourself on the journey you want to embark upon.

Blogging is like a journey, if you do it well, you will definitely make a fortune from it.

Common mistakes beginner blogger make.

Not starting up professionally from the beginning:

Am still surprise when I see young bloggers applying for Adsense with a sub domain i.e. blogspot.com.

Google Adsense has already made it clear that publishers that want to participate in their Adsense program should apply with top level domain like www.walyben.com.

But even at that many bloggers still blog with sub domain and still want to be seen as professionals.

Starting up professionally is not a bad idea, start by purchasing a custom domain name or by self hosted word press site.

 Don’t make the mistake of using a free sub domain if you still want to be seen as professional blogger.   

Avoid copying other website content:

As a new blogger, avoid this deadliest mistake some bloggers make. Copying other website blog post to your website will not only drag people away from your blog rather it will become a duplicate content for your blog especially when you want to apply for Google Adsense. Adsense rejects any site with duplicate content.

Don’t try to play on people’s intelligence, web visitors don’t visit only one website, once a new visitor comes to your blog and found that your content is the same with what he had read somewhere else, he will know and it can make your site look amateur and unprofessional.

Avoid copying blog post from other website to your blog. Develop your own writing skills and start providing valuable content to your visitors.

Multiple Niches:

This is another common mistake with new bloggers. Some new bloggers make the mistake of trying to blog on multiple niches beyond their scope.

Some bloggers create multiple categories in their blog site that they have little or no knowledge about.

It is important to blog on the topic you are conversant with not having multiple categories like health, finance, business, social media marketing, sports, world news, tech, relationship, lifestyle and travel on the same blog.

Blogs needs to be updated constantly, if you cannot update all categories you created, there is no need of creating them. But if you can, give it a try.

 As a beginner blogger, concentrate on the niche you are conversant with and when your site starts growing to a big company, you can hire writers and editors to man the different categories of your website.

Non regular update:

Don’t make the mistake of updating your website once in a month. Blogging requires effort and commitment.

The search engine will always favour any website that is updated frequently with lots of valuable contents.

Blogging is like a football if you play it with utmost seriousness, you will have higher chances of winning, but if you are recalcitrant and unserious your blog may not exceed one year and it’s gone.

You will get good result in blogging when you take it very serious and update your site regularly with valuable content.

Applying for Adsense when your site is not fully functional:

Don’t make the mistake of applying for Google Adsense when your site is still under construction or not fully functional.

Also don’t make the mistake of applying when your site has not started getting a reasonable amount of traffic.

If it’s only your family that visit your site, don’t make the mistake of applying for Adsense because even if your account is approved, you need enough traffic and page views to make money from Google Adsense.

I know you need money to maintain your site but don’t apply immediately you purchase a domain name.

Give your site a week or two to be fully functional and for search engine to index all the articles in your blog.

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