Marriage tips for Intending Couples

It is good to get yourself equipped with the necessary tips about marriage before saying I do. Marriage can be lovely and enjoyable when couples understand that marriage comes with responsibility and you are bound to fulfill those responsibilities unless your marriage will become another tragic movie.

Marriage is not a place you can live as you are when you were single. You have to understand that another human is by your side. You have to carry him or her along. I will outline some tips for intending couples who really want to make their marriage great.

1. Do not be rude to your partner it creates vacuum in the heart of your partner.

2. Don’t go to bed without settling the misunderstanding or quarrel you had with your spouse during the day.

3. Learn to treat your partner like a baby. I always advice women to know that whenever you give birth to your new baby, just remember that you now have two babies to take care of. Men have baby nature in them that always want to be pampered.

4. Learn to settle your dispute between yourselves avoid involving third party in your dispute.

5. Court with your partner before settling down, it helps you to know if two of you are compatible.

6. Avoid calling your partner by his name, use sweet name instead.

7. Learn to support your partner, yes he’s the man but your little support can save him some stress.

8. Be a companion, comforter and a helpmate to your partner. When a woman stops being a companion to her husband, she’s just inviting trouble in her home.

9. Give all your love to your partner don’t go outside to experiment with young boys or girls outside you marriage. Major cause of divorce these days is infidelity; avoid such so that you can have peace in your home.

10. Remember not to stop doing those things that made him or her fall in love with you. This is where couples make mistake, when they final get what they wanted they stop doing those things that made their partner fall in love with them.

11. Do not suffocate your partner with bad character, learn to talk soft and avoid using harsh voice when you communicate.

12. Give all your love to your partner; make him to always yearn for you and your body all the time. Some women think that the best way to get something from their husband is to start denying him their body. That’s a big mistake, do not be like those women.

13. Do not be hard in forgiving your partner whenever he asks for it. Forgiveness is what makes marriage last long. Without forgiveness no marriage will last.

14. Do not call your spouse “useless man”

15. Learn to build trust with your partner. Trust is very vital in marriage if you want to sleep with your two eyes closed without fear, build trust with your spouse.

16. Support each other. Women should know that supporting your husband in marriage will never make him a lesser man rather he will see more value in you.

17. Do not wash your dirty linen outside for all to see, no matter how grieved you are, do not take your marriage issues outside your home.

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