List of Scientists, their Discoveries and Inventions

Scientists have contributed to the advancement of science and technology through their discovery and invention of several tools, machines and equipment.

Isaac Newton: Isaac Newton invented a new kind of mathematics called calculus. Today scientists and engineers use calculus to solve many kinds of problems. Newton came up with theories about gravity and motion. He thought that the force pulling people and apples down to Earth, keeps the Moon going around the Earth, and the planets going around the sun. He used mathematics to prove his theories. Newton used a prism, a piece of glass with many sides, to study light. He found that sunlight is made up of every color in the rainbow.

Harvey Williams: Harvey Williams was an Englishman who lived from 1578-1657. He was the one that discovered the circulation of blood.

Robert Boyle: Robert Boyles discovered the Boyles Law in which he stated that “given a quantity of gas at a given temperature, pressure is inversely proportional to volume”.

Galileo Galilei: Galileo was a renowned scientist and an astronomer who discovered Jupiter satellite.

Copernicus Nicolaus: Copernicus lived from 1473-1543. He discovered that the sun is the center of the universe, and not the earth as was previously held by popular opinion.

His discovery led to what is known today as the Copernican Revolution. The earth centered theory taught to Copernicus had been developed 1400 years before by an astronomer named Ptolemy who lived in Alexandria, Egypt.

Copernicus looked into Ptolemy system more carefully and came up with a different idea. He was sure that the sun is the centre of our solar system and that the earth and other planets go around the sun. He was right, today, we think of Copernicus as the founder of modern astronomy.

Copernicus taught that the earth turns once a day and goes around the sun once a year. Copernicus decided that the way Earth turns makes it look like the sun, star and planets are going around the earth.

In 1530, he wrote a book called “On the Revolution of the Celestial Spheres”. The book was published in 1543, just before the death of Copernicus. Most astronomers and church officials thought his ideas were too radical. Some others, however, secretly thought he was right.

Scientist and their Inventions

Michael Faraday – Invented electricity in the year 1831.

George Stephenson – invented locomotive engine.

David Edward Hughes – invented microphone.

Galileo Galilei – invented telescope.

Laszino Biro – invented the Ball point pen, biro.

Sir Alexander Fleming – invented Penicillin

The Wright Brothers – invented Aeroplane in the year 1903.

John king – invented electrode

William Stanley – invented Machine Gun

Blaise Pascal – invented adding machine

J. Philip Peis – invented telephone

Amedee Bollee – he’s a French man that invented the first motor car in 1873

James Harrison – invented refrigerator

Edward Jenner – invented Analog computers in 1930

W.K Rontgen – invented x-ray in the year 1895

James Watt – invented steam engine in the year 1769

Frank Whittle – invented the jet Engine in 1930

Jjohan Gutenberg – inventer prnter in the year 1440

Elias Howe – invented commercial sewing machine in the year 1897

Anthony Von Leuwnhoek – discovered bacteria

Gaspard Bauhin– studied more than 600 species of plants.

Robert Hooke – studied cork cell.

Jean Baptist de Lamarck – propounded the theory of organic evolution.

Har Gobind Khorana – studied genetic code and biosynthesis of protein in 1968

Julius Sachs – discovered the importance of photosynthesis and respiration in plants.

Thomas Hunt Morgan – discovered the importance of genes in heredity.

Louis Pasteur – discovered the importance of micro organism in fermentation.

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