Jungle Justice

Jungle justice is becoming a way of life in Africa and that should be discouraged in order to make our society a free society. The rate of jungle justice in Africa is increasing day by day. Are we living in a state of lawlessness? Or is the law meant for some people to obey and others living above the law.

The issue of jungle justice in many towns in Nigeria should be looked into too.Many people have lost their life because of jungle justice. Jungle justice is a word widely used in Nigeria to describe a group of persons taking laws into their hands.

These groups of persons usually commit heinous crime in Nigeria and Africa at large. It’s high time the government of different countries in Africa stand up against this menace. The sanctity of life is no longer preserved. Man is now turning into a beast, indulging in crime against man and God.

The other day, four students were burnt alive in a village in rivers state, Nigeria. The crime the villagers said that those students committed was, ‘that after visiting their peers in his home town in river state, a laptop and a phone got missing’. Because of that it was presumed that it was those students that stole it and they were rounded up and burnt alive.

The family that those students visited were the ones that raised the alarm that criminal has invaded their house. Within seconds the whole villagers were alerted. The young men of the village came with their motorcycle in search of those students, as the alarm was raised soon after the student had left.

 Other villagers that arrived later were carrying woods and some were carrying light weapons as if a war has been declared on their land.The students were rounded up at a bus station where they were waiting for a bus to take them back to school.

The young men of the village arrived quickly with their motorcycle and captured them.The students were taken back to the remote village; there they were stripped by the young men and woman of the village. Later, the students were marched naked to the palace of the king.

When they got to the kings palace, the villagers accused those students of stealing laptop and a phone. The king became furious and complained of different cases of stealing and robbery reported to him, on that note he ordered that those students be burnt alive to serve as a warning to everyone in his community.

The students were taken to the village square, there the villagers watched those four students burn despite the cry and plead of innocence of those students; they hardened their heart and lit fire on them. Some even brought out their phones and took pictures and video of their evil act.

The videos later went viral, that’s how people got to know about it and to calm the situation down the state government ordered the immediate arrest of the king. That’s how four students of higher institution of learning ended their journey of life. It’s a pity that in this modern world, some people are still living barbaric life.

Also, there was an issue of stripping that happened in Namibia. A girl was fully stripped by angry touts because of wearing mini skirt. After stripping her, the touts started taking pictures of her. That’s has kept me pondering, what is Africa turning into?

A young man was beaten in Enugu main market because of his ugly face. A torch light phone got missing where he was pricing goods; the owner of the shop raised alarm of the missing phone and pointed at the young man as a suspect.

The young man was beaten mercilessly. When I arrived at the scene, I tried to mediate, I asked the shop owner how are you sure the young man stole the phone, he couldn’t prove it. I then went to one of the beaters to stop him; he told me that the young man face was too rough to be innocent.

These have been the issues happening in Nigeria and in Africa at large. Many people are losing their life on daily basis because of jungle justice, people taking laws into their hands. People no longer wait to ascertain the cause of a problem before taking action.

Two motorcyclist where burnt alive in Abuja because of stealing. Does the Nigeria constitution permit such behavior from the masses? Is high time we stand up and condemn the evil in our land.

The xenophobia that happened in South Africa claimed many lives; these are crime people commit and get away with it. Those that take laws into their hand usually get away with it. Furthermore, Police and military brutality on the citizens should be discouraged. Soldiers always feel super human whenever they put on their military uniform, forgetting their primary duty to defend the nation.

The other day a video surfaced on YouTube, where two Police men were fighting each other in line of duty. For how long should this ungodly act persist? We have to define government and essence of governance. Government should rise up to it primary responsibility- protection of life and property.Those that trample on the constitutional right of others should be brought to book.

Government of Africa should rise up against this menace ravaging our society. AU, ECOWAS, NGO and stakeholders should stand up against these canker worm eating the fabrics of our nations.

Africa is our pride, Africa is our home. Let build Africa by loving and tolerating one another. Xenophobia, tribalism, ethnicity, racism, religious intolerance and terrorism should stop.

Let us make Africa a paradise by promoting peace, boosting internal trade in the Africa region.Corruption should be shunned in government places and we should elude anything that will spark up violence in the African region.








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