How to Save Your Marriage From Collapsing

The rate of divorce in the world is increasing day by day. What would be the course of this increase in divorce? I will be rolling out points in this blog post on how you can protect your marriage from collapsing. Marriage is an institution created by God for man and woman to stay together and consummate their love in friendship and mutual respect.

These days marriage is no longer build on friendship and mutual respect is now more of obligation to fulfill, that’s the major reasons why there is problem in today’s marriage.

If you are keen in saving your marriage from collapsing, kindly read this article to the end to assimilate the ways to protect your marriage for collapse.

Avoid extra marital affairs:

Respect your marriage if you want to save it from collapsing. Nowadays couples no longer keep their marital vows. Marriage is not where you behave as if you were single, when you say I do to that handsome man or pretty lady, you have to understand the need to keep your marital vow sacred.

Those who don’t respect their marriage, usually face issue of divorce because major cause of divorce is infidelity. When you don’t respect your marriage that when you start to involve yourself into extra marital affairs. If you are into extra marital affairs turn away from such because you may be digging the hole that will collapse your marriage.

Mutual respect:

Stubbornness, disobedience, lack of respect can cause you your marriage. Have mutual respect for your partner and you will save your marriage from collapsing. Don’t fight equality with your husband; many women have lost their marriage by fighting the authority of their husband.

Save your marriage from collapsing by respecting the authority of your husband. The same goes to the men; you don’t subject your wife to modern day slavery and expect her to accord you full respect. If couples want their marriage to stand the test of time they must learn how to respect each other, otherwise they should be ready to weave bye to their marriage.

Develop trust with your partner:

Suspicion comes into marriage when there is lack of trust. Save your marriage from collapsing by building mutual trust with your partner. When couples build trust, they hardly suspect each other. They grow with one love being mindful of the need to preserve their marriage from collapse. Any marriage that lacks trust is likely to face divorce. The beauty of marriage is trust, without it marriage is just another thing.

The ways you can build trust with your partner is by being truthful and honest all the time. Trust comes gradually and what builds it is honesty, when your partner notices that you are being honest, he or she will start to build trust in you.

Shun every form of lies, deception and dishonesty in your character and see how secure your marriage will become. If you take these three tips very serious you will be saving your marriage from total collapse.

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