How to Promote Your New Blog

Promoting a new blog site is not as easy as creating a blog. A blog can be created in a day but promoting it takes hard work. Promoting a blog requires dedication and consistency.

The challenges many new bloggers face is how to promote their blog. In this article I will be pointing out some ways you can follow to get your blog discovered by many.

Write interesting content:

Your content is what makes people to return to your site. Anybody can enter your site from anywhere but the value of your content will be the magnet that will draw the person back to your site.

You must not follow what others are doing, follow your passion, write based on the topic you are most interested about and have better knowledge on.

A friend of mine was a relationship councilor on facebook. Her work was to advice people based on the problem they are facing in their relationships. Gradually she started gaining more followers, people started sending questions in her message inbox on facebook and she will publish it on her wall with the answers she gave.

People started following her page and her audience grew to over 10,000 daily readers. What she did was to create a blog and started publishing those relationship questions and answers on her blog and sends the link to her facebook page.

When her followers click on the link it will redirect them to her blog page. Gradually her followers started coming to her blog through direct referral, they no longer wait for her to send the link on facebook.

This was how my friend utilized the value of her content to launch a successful blog. Her blog is not like a tech blog that requires keyword to rank on search engine.

She gained lots of followers with her content. Those that read her blog always come back for more. She did not use facebook ads to promote her blog or buy traffic; it was people that visit her blogs that promoted the blog through sharing the post and telling their friends about such blog.

The fastest way to promote your blog is through writing interesting contents that can make those that visit your site to return.

Share your content on social media:

Another fastest way to promote your blog is through sharing it on social media. Social media like Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn etc are effective tool you can use to promote your blog post. As a new blogger you can start with the first two, facebook and twitter.

You can use facebook to give your blog the required exposure you need. Create a facebook fan page and ask your friends to like your new page.

Whenever you create a new blog post, share it on your facebook page and those who liked your page will see it and once they click, it will direct them to your blog, from that way people can start to discover your blog and the value of your content.

To share your post on twitter you must create a twitter account. Whenever you share your post on twitter your entire followers will see it and this is a good way of driving traffic to your site. You can run a twitter campaign if you have the budget and your blog post will be promoted on twitter feeds.

Action word:

Action word is my choice of word; it simply means telling your readers at the end of each post to feel free to share your blog post on the social media.

“Feel free to share this blog post with your friends on facebook, Twitter and other social media”

Not all your friends will do it, but those who find the post helpful will share it. If a reasonable amount of your readers should share your blog post across the social media, the growth of your blog will be quick.

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