How to graduate with first Class from the University

University is not difficulty like secondary education; it is easier to graduate with first class from the university than making 9A’s in your secondary school final exams (West Africa Examination).  University exams are not like secondary school certificate examination. In the university, your results are cumulatively calculated unlike in secondary school/high school where you have to sit for final examination WAEC (West Africa Examination Council), to determine what you graduate with.

In the university, whatever grade you made in your first semester is (grade point) added with your first year second semester grade to get your cumulative grade point. What determines your final result is your CGP (Cumulative grade point). Your cumulative grade point determines what you will be graduating with in the university.

The reason why I said graduating with first class in the university is easier; in the university you build your result from your first year performance. University is not like secondary school you will need to sit for final exams to determine the result you will graduate with. In the university, all your semester performances determines your final results.

Your final year result does not determines what you are graduating with. For instance, in your first year to third year in the university you were getting below C grades in all your courses and in the final degree exams, you decide to sit up and work hard, even if you make A’s through the final year exams it won’t do automatic magic on your result. That’s why if you want to graduate with first class you need to start working towards it from your first year.

The very important point here to be able to graduate with first class in the university is to begin to work hard, dedicate your time to your studies, attend lectures all the time, avoid skipping lectures, avoid too much distracting friends and makes friend with those whose aim is to graduate with good grades.

Friends are major distraction in the university, keep friend with those that will encourage you to study at night even when you feel not to. Keeping relationship in the university is one of the distracting factors that will keep you away from your book.

 If you really want to study and graduate with first class, you have to give relationship a serious thought, even if you want to keep a lover, it will be preferable in your third year or final year, and by then you must have built a strong cumulative grade point. If you start to play love games from your first year in the university chances that emotions will be affecting your study time.  

In summary, in order to graduate with first class from the university, start from your first year to work hard, do your best to get A’s in all your courses. If you have poor results in your year one and year two, there is no chance of making first class again. Also if your result is very poor in your year one it will affect all other result and it will keep your cumulative grade point below required point to graduate with first class.

I advise you to work hard, marry your book, attend lectures all the time and let your study time be your first love. Avoid university noise of partying, clubbing and going on picnic, the race is not for the weak in mind, but the strong in heart. I wish you the very best. Love you dear.

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