How to Get Adsense Approval Fast

Google Adsense is the best contextual advert network; the dream of every blogger is to get Adsense approval as soon as possible. Applying for Google Adsense may not be as tedious as people or some bloggers make it look. Getting Adsense approval in your blog requires you to do those things that comply with Google Adsense policy.

You cannot be doing those things Google said you should not do if you want to join Adsense program and expect them to accept you into Adsense. Google policy for Adsense is not hidden; you have to get yourself equipped with Adsense policies if you want to join the Adsense program.

To get yourself equipped with Adsense you have to spend your time reading about Google Adsense policies in their website. In this blog post I will be explaining to you things you have to do in your blog to get Adsense approval fast.


Give your site a proper design; don’t make your site look like a tailor store. If you cannot be able to design your website very well you can contact a web designer to give you a professional good looking website. If you are serious about making money online with your blog give your site a good look. Your website design is like a building that houses your interior furniture’s.

Original Content:

Google has made it very clear that for you to get into Adsense you must create/write original content in your blog. Adsense approval is not for copy and paste website. If the contents you have in your website is copied from other peoples blog, getting to Adsense will be like applying for America Green Card from your home country.

Write original contents that have the capacity of providing values to people search queries. Also have a good number of quality posts before applying for Adsense. You can apply when your site have up to twenty quality post not less than five hundred words on each post.


Creating pages in your menu bar will help your site users to navigate your blog easily and it help them to find your content without going through many stress locating your contents. Google made it very clear that you have to make your site easy for navigation.

Privacy Policy:

To stand a chance to participate in Adsense program you must create a privacy policy for your blog. Privacy policy will give Google the impression that you care about the privacy of your readers.

About Us Page:

Create about us page for your blog and write what your blog is all about. Write about yourself too and what you intend to achieve with your blog.

Contact Us Page:

Create a contact us page for your blog so that users that come to your blog can easily reach you. You can create a professional email with your domain name or use contact form 7 to create contact form for wordpress site or blogger contact us form.

Domain Name:

Before you apply for Google Adsense make sure you have a top level domain for your blog. If you are using blogger blogspot, make sure you purchase a top level domain name from Godaddy.

Google has said that you cannot apply for Google Adsense with a sub domain name. Example of top level domain name is

Your article content:

Google does not approve site that have adult content, hacking or cracking tutorial, illegal drugs site etc may not be accepted into Adsense. Make sure you read about Google prohibited content in inside Adsense blog.


Avoid using bot to drag traffic to your site. You can get your traffic from search engine or social media.

Don’t use paid traffic on your site, because some site that offers to direct traffic to your site in exchange of money may be sending bot traffic to your blog.

But you can still use paid ads from facebook and twitter to promote your content. Just avoid site with low reputation and Google trust when running ads on your site.


If you have any adverts running in your site remove it before applying for Google Adsense. You can put the advert back when you get Adsense approval. Google does not want to see adverts on site applying for Adsense.

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