How to Forgive and Forget in Marriage

If forgiveness should be scrapped from marriage and couples are to face the consequences of their actions, just know that lots of marriages would collapse. Marriage is very fulfilling and great when couples learn to forgive and forget. Any marriage that dwells on the past is likely to fail. The high rate of divorce in our community today is as a result of unforgiving spirit among married people.

Marriage is a sacred union instituted by God. Couples who understand the importance of forgiveness in marriage will surely preserve their marriage. How to forgive and forget in a marriage is a topic am so keen to discuss in this post. One of the tips to long lasting marriage is forgiveness.

Not only to forgive but when you forgive do your best to forget.Forgetting wrong done to you by your partner will help your marriage and your health too. When you forgive your partner and you don’t forget the wrong, you are just heaping charcoal that may burn you up.

Human body is created in such a way that when you worry so much, it start to affect your brain or even your whole body system. Is vital to forget when you forgive, though is not always that easy; but just do it for the sake of your marriage.

One of the ways you can forgive and forget wrong done to you in marriage is by knowing the weaker part of your partner. Every human being has its own weaker part that other people may find very unpleasant.

If your partner is very abusive, is not a reason to hit her; rather fathom the cause of her behavior, she wasn’t like that before you married her. If your wife abuses you for staying late at night or for not coming home on time; don’t start devising a means to punish her, rather I suggest you take her along if you so much love night outing.

She too should enjoy what you are enjoying at night that would help to bring peace in your home. Also, another way to forgive and forget wrong done to you in marriage is by remembering what both of you hold so dear. It could be child, investment or your love story.

Before you divorce your partner, think of what your kids could go through – growing without parental care or growing up in a broken home. When you thought of these things, you have to forgive all wrong done to you in marriage.

Some will say that marriage is not a bed of roses, but I so much believe that couple who want to make their marriage great can still do it. All it requires is treating your partner the way you want to be treated. Your level of success or investment can be an antidote to any form of escalation in your marriage.

When you look at the effort both you and your partner put to achieve great wealth, I don’t think you would love to throw away such a memory. Couples that build wealth together will always maintain it when they are together.

But if they decide to split it or divorce, one person may suffer setback. It will be good if you and your husband continues together to uphold what you hold together. Great love stories are true life stories. If you are fortunate to have a great love story do not throw it out overnight. Your love story can serve as a panacea when there is misunderstanding in your marriage.

When you remember what both of you have been together and how two of you overcame the raging storm, let that love stories remedy your marriage. These are how to forgive and forget in a marriage. The strength you have put to build a true love story, do not let the end be tragic.

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