How to Build a Strong Marriage that will last forever

Many marriages are breaking down these days due to lack of care and commitment in the relationship. If you can take care of your marriage the way you take care of your body, you will definitely enjoy your marriage.

Taking care of your marriage should not be the duty of one person; rather is the duty of both individuals that have come together to build a strong and better future together. In marriage where one person is well committed and the other person is acting as if is none of his business, the relationship may fall apart.

In this post am going to point out ways on how to build a strong marriage and make it heavenly marriage on earth. To the young mothers and singles I urge you to take this guide as a piece of advice meant to restore peace and happiness in your relationship.

How to Build a Strong Marriage.


You may wonder why forgiveness comes first as a way on how to build a strong marriage, it’s because many marriages cannot come together again due to lack of forgiving spirits among couples. Forgiveness is very important in every marriage; if you cannot forgive your spouse both of you cannot hold the future together.

Weakness was found in man from the beginning of creation, based on that you ought to forgive all wrong.You can express your grievances to your partner whenever you feel offended; but try and express your feelings in a mild and non abusive way.

 When you forgive; try to forget. Keeping records of wrongs or grievances is not healthy for marriages. If you want your marriage to be safe, start now to empty your heart of those wrong done to you, to avoid regret.

 For instance, if you are married to a man who is a chronic cheat, keeping records of his behaviors will blow you up one day. If he’s not willing to change and forsake his ways, forgive him for your own good. Do you know why? Unforgiving spirit don’t receive from God.

Take care of your husband the way you use to:

How to build a strong marriage is by taking care of your husband the way you use to. Don’t divert the attention you use to give to your husband to your kids, it can cause problem in your marriage.

Women should know that men are babies too, the way your little baby suck your breast so also they want to suck your breast, and the way you pamper your kids, they also want to be pampered too. When a woman starts giving the husband less attention and cares little about the man affair, she is inviting trouble in her home.

Some men may not tell you how they feel rather the baby nature in them may start to take solace in another woman arm. When you have a baby for your husband, just know that you now have two babies to take care of.

If you want to build a strong marriage, don’t overlook your husband. Those things you call nothing may mean something to him. If you are the type that goes out to welcome him whenever you hear the sound of his car, please don’t change overnight, keep doing it. If your type gives the husband kiss before he goes off for work, please don’t change now. Little things matters in marriage.

Don’t call him – useless man:

Many women don’t understand the extent of harm they cause their husband and the depth it goes in their husband heart when you call him useless man. You may say it because you are offended and you want to hit him back harder, calling your husband useless can break the bond holding two of you.

You may not see the effect now; he may forgive you, yes! But continuous repetition or telling him how useless he is, whenever you feel offended will only make two of you live as neighbors in the same roof. What do I mean by neighbors? Practically each person will mind his own business.  I don’t think you want that in your marriage.

If you love your marriage and want to preserve it, avoid calling your husband useless. Don’t just open your mouth and voice out everything just because you are hurt. Learn to abstain from certain words and your marriage will be built on a solid rock.

Sleep with him:

Sex is becoming major sources of separation in marriages. Many men complain that their wife doesn’t give it to them as they wanted, if I may ask, who are you keeping it for? Give it to him in excess, make sure you empty his bowel always; I bet you he will run for his life.

Why should sex be a problem in marriage? If the wife body belongs to the husband and the husband body belongs to the wife, sex should not be an issue. Woman should know that denying your husband sex is not a way to punish him rather a means to push him out.

 Don’t use sex as a tool to get something from your husband. Do not teach him how to care less about your body. Use every form available to you to build intimacy with your husband.

Love what he loves:

How to build a strong marriage and have peace in your home is by loving what your husband loves. Some men love watching soccer and in order to derive the full fun in watching football; they prefer to watch it with friends outside their homes.

 Men prefer to watch soccer where they can make noise and discuss the match with other soccer fans, than watching it alone in their homes. As a wife if your husband is the type that goes out with friends to watch soccer, is high time you join him.

Join him and watch the match, discuss the match with him, argue the match with him, with time you will marvel at the level of intimacy you have build in your marriage.

Don’t accuse him:

It takes months to erect a building but it takes a few hours to destroy it. Relationship that lacks trust can easily collapse. Some women have this habit of accusing their husband of infidelity; some may be right in their instinct or observation.

But in a case where your husband has been trying his best to keep his marital vows, accusing him of sleeping around can cause serious problem in your union. Before you accuse make sure you have your prove at hand.

For instance, if you accuse your husband of sleeping with your maid, maybe because the young man is trying to be fair to the poor little girl you are maltreating; you are only inviting war in your home. Remember that suspecting is different from accusation; if you want to build your marriage don’t accuse him falsely.

Submit to your husband:    

Many women are still rubbing shoulders with their husband. If your friends control their husband, is not a guarantee that you too will control your husband. Many women are divorced as a result of fighting equality with the man.

God has made man the head of the family and has instructed the man to love and cherish the wife and not to be harsh with her. Being submissive to your husband will never make you a lesser being, rather you will enjoy peace in your home.

Don’t fight your husband:

 A woman told me how she used to lock the door and face the husband in a fight. She went further to tell me how she uses to grab the man in his penis and weaken him into submission. Some men can take nonsense.

Your husband may not be so silly to condone this kind of act from you. Engaging your husband in a fight will only destroy your marriage. When couples start to show their physical prowess on each other, just know that one is going to die on time. Couples that stay in peace always live long. I believe you want peace in your marriage, please make every effort to live in peace with your husband.

My dear reader, if your husband hit you don’t hit him back, don’t curse him, don’t say anything to aggravate him; you will gain more when he comes back to his right mind and realizes his mistake.

Love his family:

Don’t expect your husband to back his family just because you are now married to him. Many young girls make the mistake of turning their back on their husband family, expecting the same family to stand by you when you have issues with your husband.

Don’t break the bond your husband shares with his family, rather join them, you are now part of this family. Marriage is not only man and a woman thing, it involves both families. To build a strong marriage, do not love only your husband, love his family too.


How to build a strong marriage is by prayer. The most vital point here is prayer. When you pray, remember your marriage in prayer. Before you pray, empty your heart of every form of annoyance, grievances and malice. Always pray for peace and Gods love in your marriage.

Finally, do not be like those women that will starve their husband and run to church to pray for peace in their homes. If you want to get the heart of a man feed him.

Understand the tempting period:

Nobody is above temptation, understanding the temptation time simply mean to be more sober when it seems your marriage will no longer survive the current challenges facing it. Temptation can come in different ways; it could be infidelity, abuse or delay in child birth.

Every couple that really want to build a strong marriage should always understand the time and season they are into. Some will say that marriage is not a bed of roses, but I’m of the opinion that two people that really want to make their marriage great can still do it.

Your wife may have issue of conceiving or complication in her body that is delaying her from conceiving, don’t let her fight the battle alone. Stand by her and help her conquer her fears, you will be marvel at the end, the level of intimacy you have build with her.

Another issue can be abuse. I always frown at men that beat their wife. Wife beating is common in the world now. Your husband maltreating you can be a big challenge in your marriage.

The aim of writing this blog post is to let you know that when the temptation period comes never back down or leave your marriage. It will not be like that forever.

Temptation can come in different ways, just know that it will come and go. A woman got a call from unknown girl telling her how her husband has been cheating on her.

She took it like that and believed the caller without making further investigation to know whether what the caller told her was true. She decided to leave her marriage on the basis that the husband is not being faithful to her.

She later regretted her action when she found out that people were just being jealous of her and her marriage. She’s back with the husband now. It will take me a full day to narrate the ordeal she went through when she left her marriage. She’s now happy for realizing her mistake on time. Understand your own tempting period in life and be careful not to fall victim.

Finally, the journey of love requires a lot of sacrifices, build friendship with your husband or wife. Do not let your own love story end in tragic mood.

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