Hot Relationship Tips that will make your love life better

The social nature in man will always desire to interact with his fellow humans, interaction that is devoid of quarrels, misunderstanding and malice. Humans are social and emotional beings that wants to love and be loved.  In our today’s world where love and hatred are the two major forces opposing each other, we will always find fulfillment when we stick to love.

In this post am going to share those hot relationship tips that will make your love life better.


The ingredient of every relationship is communication. Any relationship that lacks communication dies. Two lovers that want to grow in love should maintain a good communication level.

Do not hold on to the past:

In every relationship there is always a time when two lovers can misunderstand each other or even have a quarrel, some may even fight, but if you really want your relationship with your lover to grow deeper, do not hold on to those past.


If you want your love life to take a good dimension learn how to pay attention to your partner. Do not overlook his or her presence when around you.


A girl can easily fall in love for you when you know how to appreciate her. Little things matter in relationship, appreciation is one of them. Appreciating your lover will go a long way in solidifying your relationship. Appreciate very thing she does to please you.

Do not insult your lover:

Insults are like hammer that breaks the heart of young lovers. When you feel offended, do not resort to insult as a means to relieve yourself. Those hard words you say to your friends when you are offended can only create division in his heart. Insults doesn’t correct rather it destroys.


Human being loves praise and admiration. We all feel great when we are being praised or admired by the one we love and care about. Compliment your lover and see how both of you will grow intimately in love.

Ask him what he hate about you:

Many young lovers always shy away from telling their lover things they do they that irritate them. Asking your friend or husband what he hates about you will not end your relationship, rather it would be an eye opener for both of you to know the necessary changes to make in order to make a good relationship.

Do not let your anger exceed one day:

Misunderstanding will always occur in a relationship but the way and manner you handle issues in your relationship is what matters most.

Is very vital to resolve any issue with your lover before the day sun goes down; the essence of these is to avoid creating loophole in the heart of your lover.

What do I mean by loophole? It simply means that the heart that was totally in love with you is now divided; if such should happen it pose a great challenge to the future of your relationship.

Sweet names:

The ear wants to hear sweet things because it makes the heart glad. If you have not being calling your loved ones sweet names start it now.

 Those little things we overlook in our relationships are what always come to cause trouble in our relationship. If you like petting, extend that hand to your lover, don’t just be the receiver only.

Don’t say things you don’t mean in a relationship:

These has caused many young people heart break. When you are in a relationship, is right and good to say what you mean and mean what you say to avoid shattering somebody’s heart.

If you wish to settle down with your lover tell her if you really mean business but if not don’t tell her you want to settle down with her when you knew that your heart is far away from making her your one and only.

Take care of “caring”.

Do not be confused by my choice of word. When a man takes good care of a girl like providing for her needs; the girl would always refer such man as a caring man. When I say take care of caring am simply telling you to take care of him that care about you.

Many girls abuse these like acting as super hero when a man shows much care and commitment in the relationship. You may think that you are the most pretty or that he cannot find another lovely girl to replace you, you are mistaken. Am just saying, don’t lose your man by “showing I don’t care attitude”.

Keep to promise:

Relationship is like a journey, if you don’t follow the actual route it would land you to unplanned place. Keeping promise will help your relationship to remain in the actual route.

Love what he loves:

When two people come together to build a good relationship, there must be an adjustment in their ways of life in other to fit in together, unless they only want to be a playmate or friends with benefit without any emotional attachment to the friendship.

For instance many men love soccer, if you are dating a guy who cherishes to watch soccer; it will be good if you join him in watching the soccer those things build intimacy in relationships. Don’t try to discourage him or frown when he’s watching soccer.

Phone calls:

We are now in the world of technology; maintaining constant communication with your lover will never be a problem again. Phone calls are very important in a relationship. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship never stop picking your lovers phone calls.

Many relationships will be saved if lovers inculcate the habit of answering their calls most especially when there is misunderstanding or quarrel between them. When you have issue with your boyfriend and you stop picking his calls, you are endangering the future of the relationship.

If he should call you couple of time and you blatantly refused to answer; he may assume that you have moved on. Lovers use phone calls some times to punish themselves without knowing that they are putting the future of the relationship into jeopardy.

I hope you enjoyed this piece of advice about relationship; I would love to hear your own opinion or suggestion in the comment box below.

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