Five Ways to Safeguard Your Marriage

The essence of marriage is not only for procreation but to find fulfillment and love. As it is written in the scripture that a man will leave his father and mother and join with his wife and both shall become one. But are you still one body and soul with your husband or wife? Do you still feel the love you felt the first time you said yes to him. Is the fire of love still burning in your marriage?

In our today’s world, many married people are not happy in their marriages. Cheating and lying mixed with bad behavior have turn marriage upside down. Many factors have contributed to the cause of unhappiness in marriage. My discussion today is not the cause of unhappiness in marriage.

The point am giving out today are the five solid ways to safeguard your marriage. Do you know that marriage is beautiful when there is peace and love?  Follow these guidelines and you will swim in the ocean of love.

Be a friend and a wife to your husband:

Marriage is not only being a good wife to your husband, but you can still be his best friend. How do you know you are a friend to your husband? You can know that by when he starts sharing his secrets with you and also when he starts talking freely with you. One characteristics of friendship is that they usually talk informally most of the time.

What do I mean by that? Friends always talk freely, they hardly hid anything and they share their secrets and still keep their secrets secret.

When you and your husband starts being friendly you will definitely see the change in your marriage and it will help to safeguard your marriage. Some women will love to be friend to their husband, so that the man can share his secrets with her.

But if you don’t share us with him, he will definitely retrace his steps and that will have bad effect on the relationship. The good thing about being a friend to your husband is that both of you will hardly condemn each other.

Understand the tempting period in marriage:

There is always a tempting period in every marriage. Is a time you will ask yourself “did I make the right choice” “had I known he had this ugly character” “how do I get over this? Understanding that a time will come when you will ask yourself such questions about your marriage will help you overcome the challenges when it comes.

When such tempting period comes understand that is a minor rainfall that will soon stop. Do not centre on that moment because it will not linger on forever.I would love to share a short story about young couples that failed to understand the tempting period.

A young lady got married to his heartthrob, after the marriage the couples started having minor quarrels in their marriage. The man is always busy with his job and comes back in the evening while the wife stays at home.

Due to the misunderstanding and loneliness the wife feels when the husband goes out for work she started visiting their male neighbor who was still single and doesn’t go out all the time.

She goes there to have a harmless discussion with young man, but within some weeks she started finding the guy attractive and enjoys the young man company. To cut the long story short, the woman started having sexual feelings for the young man.

Before she could understand the time and season, the young man has already gotten the woman pregnant. As soon as the woman found out she is heavy with another man’s child, she quickly went back to his father’s house with the complaint that the husband is maltreating her.

Few weeks later the husband got the news of the wife pregnancy and started making arrangement on how to bring the wife back. He bought drinks and went to the girl’s parents to apologize, which after the wife was released to him.

 After some years, the child born became sick; the doctor handling the case required that one of the parents donate blood to save their sons life. The wife opted to donate hers, but after checking the blood sample her blood could not be used on the child.

Then the only option left was for the husband blood to be transferred but they ought to check the sample because is a medical procedure. After the blood check, the both parents could not donate blood to the child, that’s when the whole drama began.

The truth was known and the marriage was shattered. My dear reader, take heed or thou fall. When the tempting time comes, understand it will only last for a while and the fire of love will be rekindle again.

Give all your love to your husband:

Marriage is not a place of experiment rather is house of commitment. Do all your experiment before you say I do, once you are married your commitment is required. Give your husband undivided attention, marriage is not for babies. If you want to safeguard your marriage give all your love to your husband.

When you are married you don’t have to go out again experimenting with any available young man on the best sex position. Your husband needs your love, attention and commitment. Stand by him, comfort him and be his companion and your marriage will be safeguarded.

Enjoy with him:

Men love girls who blend with time and season. Do not make him see you as an old school or old cargo that should be left at home when he wants to have a good time. Advice him on the importance of savings but when he wants to spend, go and enjoy with him. Use every form available to you to build closeness with your husband. The more the closeness the higher the intimacy and the higher the intimacy the more secured you are in your marriage.

Let the past remain in the trash can:

Finally, marriage has its ups and down, keeping records of every behavior and maltreatment will not prosper your marriage; rather it will destroy it. Couples should learn to forgive and forget for the good of their union. If you want to safeguard your precious marriage, do not open the trash can.


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