Factors that Favour Technology Transfer

There are several factors that encourage and favour technology transfer in any given country. Some of these factors include accessibility, availability of funds, mutual agreement, and availability of maintenance personnel.

Accessibility: in order for technology transfer to be carried out successfully ad effectively, its accessibility to the receiving country is highly important. It has been noted that unfriendly policies, culture and religion differences usually constitute obstacles that seriously affect the transfer of technology from one country to another.

For example, when an embargo or sanction is placed on a nation, it will be very difficult if not impossible for other nations to have any commercial activities with her. Thus, in this situation, technology transfer will be affected. Hence, accessibility is an important factor in the transfer of technology.

Availability of funds: money is very vital in technology transfer. This is because technology transfer involves the movement of not only men, ideas, knowledge but also materials, production processes and even formats, from one place to another.

The movement of all these things requires large amount of money. For instance, materials needed must be bought; the skills, idea and knowledge needed to facilitate the transfer also needed money to purchase them. Besides, the nation negotiating for a transfer of technology should be able to have enough money to pay for and also maintain the technology she is receiving from another country.

Mutual Agreement: mutual agreement between the two parties engaging in technology transfer is quite a necessary factor. Hence, in order for technology transfer to take place, there must be a willing seller and a willing buyer who mutually agree to sell and buy technology respectively.

The implication of this factor is that where there is no nation willing to give or let go of her technology to another nation, then technology transfer will be impossible. Even when there is a willing nation or party to receive the technology, there should and must be a willing nation or party to give what the receiver request for.

Availability of maintenance personnel: there is need for local maintenance personnel to be trained in order to maintain the equipment or machines transferred from one country to another. This is because long term use causes wear and tear in every machine or equipment where there are no technocrats.

Apart from the factors that favour technology transfer, there are other conditions that must be met or fulfilled in order for technology transfer to take place. These other conditions are: (1) that the said technology must exist or be generated at one end and (2) that there must be incentive to adapt and use the technology.

Benefits of Technology Transfer

The benefits or positive effects of technology transfer are:

  • Technology transfer encourages positive mutual relationship among the nations involved.
  • It shapes and enhances the standard of living of the citizens of a nation.
  • Technology transfer brings about technological and economic growth and development of a nation.
  • It encourages better communication and dissemination of information among nations.
  • It encourages national and international integration, oneness and friendship among nations.
  • It encourages the establishment of a direct business link among the nations.

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