Disadvantages of Living Together Before Marriage

Marriage is a beautiful thing but to some women is not an easy journey. It’s always the desire of every young man and woman to get married to their heartthrob. In this life we all desire for good things and good things we all hope to get. Your desire for good things should not put you into some behaviors that are unhealthy.

Some girls willingly move into their boyfriend’s apartment hoping that things will work as they have hoped. To some it may work but to others reverse may be the case. The word cohabit means to live together and have a sexual relationship without being married.

The aim of this post is to point out the disadvantages of living together before marriage.

Delay in bride prize:

Cohabiting with a man can cause delay in paying your bride prize. When a girl move into a man house hoping it would necessitate his desire to do the needful (bride prize) you are making a big mistake. Men marry for different reasons, don’t make yourself cheep by cohabiting with him; it may land you to a life of regret. When you start living with a man you are not married to, you are exposing yourself to lots of dangers. Living together before marriage is dangerous. You may miss your rightful soul mate on the process, or even get pregnant which you wouldn’t want. He can even throw you out after the adventures with him.

Save yourself from tomorrow’s misery now you have the time. Remove the thought that you living with him, would help protect him from being snatch by other girls. Stop fighting for man’s attention, self development should be paramount to you now. When your soul mate comes, you wouldn’t fight for his attention with other girls; it comes natural.

Health issues/unwanted pregnancy:

It’s easy to develop health issues when cohabiting with a man. Many young people that cohabit often engage in unprotected sex, which is not healthy for their well being. You can easily get pregnant or even get infected with diseases during unprotected sex. Most of the girls that cohabit with a boy, once they get pregnant always go for abortion and abortion has its own complications; If not well done can cause serious problem in the womb. Cohabiting with a man has caused many girls to indulge in series of abortions.

A certain girl was cohabiting with his boyfriend while in school on the process had three abortions for the boy. In their final year the girl asked the guy his plan towards her, the boy told her, he has no intention of marrying her. The girl was so devastated after all they had been through together and the sacrifices she had made for the relationship all is about to be swept out of the room. Is a pity that human being is unpredictable, that why you have to trade with caution when dealing with anyone.

Today is the best day to make good decision for your life; you can visit your boyfriend but living together before marriage is harmful and should be discouraged. The health issues is not limited to the womb alone, when a man you are cohabiting with sends you out of his house after he has gotten enough feel of you, it can cause you mental pressure.

 Some girls are not always the same when the man they gave all their best turns back at them. In order to avoid all these regrets in the near future, avoid cohabiting with a man before marriage.

Lowers your dignity:

I guess you still want your man to have some respect for you after marriage; if so don’t lower yourself dignity by cohabiting with him before marriage. Cohabiting with a man can make the man see you as a sex object for his satisfaction. When a girl move into a man house you will definitely start to perform the function of a wife to him i.e. cook, wash and have sex with him etc. he many just see you as a treasure he has gotten on a platter of gold. Marriage is not a quest, prepare and plan your life.

Shame to your family:

When you move into a man house you are simply disgracing your family. It is the wish of every parent to give out their daughters to a well deserving suitor. Don’t bring disgrace to your parent by living together before marriage. Many young girls of this age often cohabit with their boyfriend during their university education. Many have also confessed of having two to three abortions for their boyfriend while in school.

How do you think your parent will feel if they find out you are living with a man and he got you pregnant and you aborted it. Show yourself and your parents some respect by moving out of that boys house, if his in serious need of you, he should do the needful (bride prize). Chopping what doesn’t belong to him is stealing, I hope you understand.


Cohabiting with a man can cause life time regret. Let me share a short story of a girl that lived with her boyfriend for a long period of time. They both had a baby girl together on the cause of cohabiting. Unfortunately the young man died in motor accident, the girl was left alone to mourn her life. She was not legally or traditionally married to the young man; they only met in the city and fell in love and had a baby girl together.

The girl doesn’t know the home town of the boy, though she had been disturbing the boy to take her to his people, he kept on postponing until the painful tragedy happened. When the boy’s family heard about the accident, they came and took his body for burial. The family did not ask about the way about of the girl that had a baby for their son because they are not in support of the relationship.

When the news came to them that their son was living with a girl, they felt the girl bewitched their son. This girl was left alone in the world to regret her decision for accepting to live with the boy. It’s very nice to fall in love but do not let it blind you. If a man wants you to start living with him urge him to come with his family and see yours according to tradition. Small keg of palm wine with kola he can make his intention known.

The both families can organize a low budget wine carrying and paying of dowry so that you as a girl can be proud to live with him as your husband.

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