Causes of Unending Poverty in Africa

The story of Africa is always a story of tragedy, war, poverty, disease, corruption, drought, hunger; high rate of child mortality, famine, political instability, tribal clash and Child marriage. Why can’t good story come out of Africa?

There is poverty in Africa, and this poverty seems unending why? The major causes of unending poverty in Africa are well detailed in this post.


Corruption is like a canker worm eating the fabrics of Africa nations. Some Africa political leaders can be best described as wolves in sheep clothing.

Only few political leaders in Africa can boast of not having corruption cases against them. Many of these leaders’ deep hands into their country treasury and siphon the money meant to improve the standard of living of their people.

Most of the money being siphoned can be used to improve infrastructures in their countries; rather they choose to keep their citizen in perpetual poverty and misery.

Political instability:

Africa has witnessed instability in recent years. Electoral violence and post election violence is one of the major causes scaring potential investors away from Africa.

Whenever there is a change of government, violence start in that particular Africa country due to election fraud and rigging. Political instability is contributing to the unending poverty in Africa.

Lack of quality education:

The standard of education in some countries in Africa is very poor. Africans are eager to learn but the standard of their university is very low. Many universities in Africa don’t have good infrastructures and equipment for easy learning.

Any country that wants to grow must improve the standard of their education. When Africans start to receive quality education in their home country, it will have positive impact in their countries economy.

Because men of ideas will start to create and invent new things, and also the money the citizens are spending abroad on studies will be in their country.

Lack of industrialization:

Another way to end poverty in Africa is to encourage industrialization. Africa nations are back in terms of industry. Africans are eager and fit to work but lack of industries creates more poverty in that region.

Inability of the citizens to access government approved grants:

Some government in Africa give out grant for start up business but it’s usually face with corruption. Most of the time it doesn’t get to the people it meant for.

Government always comes up with new ideas to improve the well being of their people but implementation is always an issue. All these are contributing to high rate of poverty in Africa.

Ethnicity and tribalism:

Ethnicity and tribalism is a major cause of poverty in Africa. Everything done in most Africa countries are done on basis of ethnicity and tribe.

Most countries in Africa are deeply divided because of tribal hatred. Tribal clashes is common with Africa, many African countries are facing tribal wars in low-key.

Lack of merit:

Quota system is killing excellence and hard work. People are being appointed into positions they cannot perform due to quota system making it impossible for the best minds to handle government affairs.

Unequal distribution of wealth:

Africa is blessed with arable land, solid minerals etc but the wealth generated are not shared equitably.

We in Africa are always told by our brothers who return from Europe and America how the government of America and United Kingdom takes good care of their unemployed youth through their welfare system.

When will Africa enjoy such benefit from our government? Despite our richness in minerals and other resources, distributing it equally for the betterment of all is still a big issue in Africa.

Cause of unending poverty in Africa are too many only when the best minds are being elected and appointed to the seats of government the issue of poverty may still be lingering.

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