Causes and Consequences of Indiscipline in Nigeria

Indiscipline simply means refusal to submit one’s desires and actions to the restraints of orderly societal conduct. It is difficult to trace the origin of indiscipline in Nigeria but historians and social scientists see the cultural contradiction with the western life and the traits of it in the contemporary Nigeria as the roots of indiscipline in the society.

There is so much high level of indiscipline in Nigeria society of today which can be seen in the level of corruption going on in the society. There is embezzlement of public fund, inflation of contracts, demand of 10% bribe in contracts, bribery, forgery, impersonation, neglect of government property, political unrest, neglect one ones duty, child abuse, stealing, exploitation of weak people, urinating indiscriminately, lack of queue culture, status influence, sexual harassment, cultism, false information and utterances that endangers public peace.

Most of these acts are caused by a number of factors among which are inconsistencies in government disciplinary measures or ineffective measure against indiscipline, financial and status influence, lack of basic amenities, paying lip service to religious teachings, lack of orientation and reorientation, lack of leadership by examples.

Consistent interference by colonial power either directly or indirectly also influence the kind of government that exist in Nigeria.

Lack of good leadership:

The problem of Nigeria according a famous author Chinua Achebe is a leadership failure. According to him, he said Nigeria can change if she discovers leaders who have the will, ability and vision. It is a known fact that major problem with Nigeria is lack of good leadership.

Nigeria has not been blessed with good leaders that are disciplined or imbibe ethical standard in discharge of their functions. Nigeria is blessed with all kinds of manpower and human resources but lacks good leadership that can utilize those resources.

The problem with Nigeria leaders is that they are self centered; they exploit every advantage and enrich themselves to the detriment of the state and the citizens. The result is that funds selected for social services and other government projects disappear into private pockets.

To make the matter worst, most Nigerians blame their kinsmen who served in government administration with all honesty and retire without riches. This kind of attitude should stop. Government should encourage those who served well by giving them award and benefits especially, where such people have no house of their own and have not enriched themselves from public treasury.

Lack of parental guidance:

Social scientists have blamed parents for the steady rise in indiscipline in the society. Parents do not teach their children the good ways of life nor engage them in moral discipline. Both at home and in schools, young people lack the proper socialization that is fundamental to their growth.

It has been said that most immoral act performed by children and youth began at home. When parents fail to shape the bad attitude of their kids they tend to grow with it, which will affect the way they live in the larger society.

Government inconsistency on Effective Disciplinary Measures:

Nigeria government has rolled out a number of measures on how to minimize indiscipline but their implementation has always been the problem. The police, the state security service, ICPC, EFCC, NAFDAC and National Orientation Agency among others have been used by the government to control indiscipline in the country.

Most of the agencies do not effectively tackle indiscipline; essentially because many prominent Nigerians are involved. The only way out of this devils enclave is to adopt an effective measure against culprits. China survived the menace of undisciplined leaders due to the effective measures they adopted.

Paying lip service to religious teachings:

Religion is a good tool for molding characters, good religion is intended to create sanity but in Nigeria some religious leaders wrongly interpret it thereby causing havoc in the society. People kill, exploit, slavishly serve and dehumanize others in the name of religion.

The rise of religious bigotry and fanaticism confront the society and give rise to societal indiscipline. Religious centers are established everywhere and preaching of diluted and undiluted types are spread to the people yet indiscipline multiply.

If Nigeria can imbibe the teaching of religion like love, justice, fairness, morality and human kindness, most of the social vices in the society would stop.

Financial and status influence:

In Nigeria rich people command respect, which now make some people indulge themselves in immoral acts to make money. People kill, rob, forge, defraud, blackmail, tell lie etc in order to make money.

The craze for money in Nigeria if discouraged could lessen the rate of immorality in the country. The youth should be organized and taught that money come through hard work not through fraudulent ways.

Lack of orientation and re-orientation:

Lack of orientation and reorientation contribute to the growth of indiscipline in Nigeria. Nigerians of all ages should be properly oriented on the basic national values and ethics. In schools, colleges and institution of higher learning, discipline orientation subject should be included in the curriculum.

Students of whatever age should learn what act constitute discipline and indiscipline, in order to stay clear of troubles. In government, civil and public service employers should be made to undergo several training on how to maintain discipline in their works.

In the business sphere, companies that do not produce genuine goods should be asked to close; the essence is that it will discourage those planning to indulge in such businesses.

Lack of basic necessities of life:

Lack of basic needs of life is among the causes of social indiscipline in Nigeria. Large numbers of Nigeria youths are unemployed and most of their parents have no means of survival. This lack of jobs contributes in the rise of social indiscipline in the society. Parents are forced to neglect some of their children’s behavior because they cannot provide their needs.

Majority of the crimes and social problems in Nigeria exist because the basic necessities of life that discourage social vices and indiscipline are lacking. The state government and wealthy citizens should encourage the provision of basic necessities of life to make the nation more habitable.

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