Types of Leadership

There are three main types of leadership. They are traditional leadership, qualitative leadership, which is based on personal qualities and legal leadership, which is leadership based on law or derived from the constitution of the land. Traditional leadership: This type of leadership is based on the custom and traditions of the people. This form of …

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House of Senate in Nigeria

The 1960 constitution of Nigeria created the House of Senate in Nigeria. The 1979 constitution and the 1999 constitution provided for the House of Senate. The House of Senate is not superior to the House of Representatives. Both of them have equal powers in law making. The senatorial constituencies are bigger than that of House …

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How States Acquire Sovereignty

There are at least four possible ways by which an entity can acquire its sovereignty. These are through formal granting of independence by a colonial power, through a successful revolution or liberation war, through a successful war of secession and when a territory which has not been claimed or colonized by any other state, succeeds …

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