Effects of Ethics and Discipline in National Development

In Nigeria the basic national ethics and discipline include self reliance, patriotism, loyalty to the nation, honesty, dedication to duty, obedience to authority, respect of elders and seniors in authority, participation in national service, payment of tax, reporting criminals and members of cults to the police, assistance to the poor and the needy, parental care, …

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National Symbols in Nigeria

National symbols that strengthen Nigeria unity include the National flag, Nigerian coat of arms and National anthem. National Flag: Nigeria National flag is a piece of cloth with colours or pattern that stands for a nation. National flag is used to articulate some information concerning the struggle of a nation. Nigeria used the British flag …

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Hausa Culture Area

The Hausa speaking people occupy the plain western and north central Nigeria. The predominant language spoken in the entire northern Nigeria is Hausa language. The Hausa and non Hausa in the region alike speak the language as mother tongue. Most of the Fulani people who are nomadic herdsmen speak only Hausa language. The Fulani people …

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