Bad Effects of Deception in Relationship

The beauty of love lies in truth but many people prefer to live a life of deception. Build your relationship in love and truth and you will be secure in your love life. In this post am going to explain the effects of deception in relationships and why it should be avoided.

Love is such a beautiful thing that’s why we don’t step into love rather we fall in love. But how sure are you that when you fall in love you would not get hurt. Are you certain that your love life is the greatest of all?  

How then do you make it great and secure? That can be done when you avoid deception in your relationship. Deception simply means the act of deliberately making somebody believe something that is not true.

You will enjoy your love life when you are open and truthful to your lover. Young people who play on others emotion would always think deceiving others to get a gate pass to whatever they desire, thinks they are being smart or sharp.

When you want to date or go into any serious relationship, I advise you to avoid the act of deceit because it can ruin your relationship.Your partner may trust you so well that you may feel that he/she cannot do without you.

Deceiving a heart that trust everything you say is not good because when such heart finds out you are really a deceiver, every other thing you say even if its truth will look like a lie. Another effect of deception in relationship is that it put you into a life of regret. In this life, is better to learn from others and stop trying to be smart girl/boy.

Many people do things without considering the effects or harm it can cause in their relationship.Am sure that when you are deceiving your boyfriend/girlfriend you are aware of what you are doing.

When you are into multiple relationship and you are telling the one you love most, that he/she is the only person you are seeing, that’s deception; If truth should ever come to light, your relationship maybe in trouble.

In marriage, when couples start having extra marital affairs, the effect is very devastating when the whole secret gets blown up. Many marriages have clashed because of that. Avoid deception in your marriage/relationship and your love life will be secure.

When you meet two lovers who are sincere and truthful to each other you will definitely desire to be like them. But in a case where you are truthful to your lover and your lover is not truthful to you; that’s when wisdom comes in.

Tell him or her how important truth is to you in your relationship, but if he fails to be sincere and genuine just quit.A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. Stop living in fear of the unknown. Don’t think if you end the relationship another will not come. God made everything and gave it to us in abundance; that’s why you will not lack true love because love is what makes life beautiful.

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