5 Ways to Avoid Going to Prison

Is unlikely to see anyone that wish to spend his entire life in prison; rather we all want to enjoy maximum freedom all the time. Life in prison is what nobody would wish himself, but despite that people doesn’t wish themselves life in prison, many people are committing crimes against the law of the land that cause them to land in prison.

If you are one of those that want to avoid spending part or your whole life in prison, there are things you have to avoid on daily basis to avoid getting yourself into a quagmire that may land you in prison.

Obey the law of the land:

In recent time, people tend to disobey the law with the intent that their money or smartness will help them escape from trouble. This is not the cleverest thing to do, obeying the law governing a particular region or a country will help you escape trouble.When you break government laws you endanger your live and risk yourself to life in prison.

Avoid taking laws into your hands:

People taking laws into their hands are evident in most African countries. In Africa they call their actions jungle justice; though is not only in Africa you get law breakers. When you take laws into your hands you’re on self destruct because your action must definitely land you into life in prison. If you are eager to avoid life in prison, avoid taking laws into your hand and report any issue or crime to the appropriate government authority in your region or province.

Avoid bad friends:

The ancient adage that says bad company spoils good moral is still effective till today. Majority of people in prison are there because of bad company. Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Keep company that will add positive value to your life not those that will lure you into life of regret. Many people in prison are there due to the kind of friends they keep, do your best to get rid of any friend that doesn’t respect the law of the land.

Visit those in prison:

If you ever visit those in prison you will understand the need to be a simple guy. No matter how hard you claim to be, there are others before you; visiting them and hearing the ordeal they pass through in prison will help calm your brain down.

Life in prison is like hell fire especially in Africa. A Nigeria politician once told blessed memory Nelson Mandela that he was able to survive 27 years in prison because he served his sentence in prison in United Kingdom. If it were to be a Nigeria prison he may not have survived because of the poor and unhygienic nature of prisons in Nigeria.

Stop robbery:

Robbery can give you quick cash and it can also give you quick ticket to life in prison. Any convict who is charged with armed robbery is likely to face life in prison especially when they are caught with guns. If you have never been caught, stop that dirty work it can only destroy your life in no distance time. If you are sincere to avoid going to prison, avoid these now –  armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism and internet robbery because all these will definitely land you in prison.

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